Requesting Extra Restrictions on iPads

iPad Restrictions

As a parent or guardian of a high school student, you can impose further restrictions on the iPad that your student uses in addition to the restrictions already placed there by the district.

There are a few things to consider if you want to add extra restrictions to your students iPad.

  • These devices are required for school work, so you need to allow enough access for your student to complete his or her work. Please call the school and give them the passcode you use to put in the restrictions. This will allow them to adjust the restrictions if needed without having to remove them completely.
  • It is not possible to loosen the restrictions already imposed by the district. You can only tighten them further.
  • If you decide to restrict websites, please call the school to do this. We have a list of websites needed for schoolwork that we can restrict the students to.

Setting Up Restrictions

Follow these steps to set up restrictions on your student’s iPad.

  1. Go into the Settings app.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Restrictions
  4. Select Enable Restrictions
  5. Set a passcode (Do not give this to the student.)
  6. Call the school and give them the passcode.
  7. Allow Section – Turn off what you want disabled on the iPad.
    • Safari – Do not disable this. They will need it.
    • Deleting Apps – It’s preferable that this isn’t disabled, either.
  8. Allowed Content – Further restrict media content on the iPad.
    • You can adjust ratings to be allowed in the iTunes Store or Music apps on the iPad.
    • Websites – Please contact the school to set these up. We have a white list that we manage that allows students to only access sites that we know they need for school.
  9. Privacy
    • Location Services – You can be very specific about what apps can or cannot use location services or you can turn them off completely.