Creating a Maintenance Support Ticket

Maintenance tickets are used to report issues to the maintenance department so they can take care of things. (ie, Lights, built-in speakers, etc. Basically, if the work will require fasteningĀ or unfastening something from the building in any way that is more than just unplugging from an outlet, maintenance needs to be notified.) They are also used for installation of items such as ActivBoards, TVs, or projectors.

  1. Log in to Help Desk.
  2. Select Request at the top of the screen.helpdeskcreateticketstep2
  3. From the Request Type drop-down menu, select Maintenance.helpdeskmaintainstep3
  4. Select from the following types of tickets in the drop-down that appears.
    • Events and Activities – Use this if maintenance is needed for setting up for special events.
    • Maintenance Leave Request – Only used by maintenance employees.
    • New Install – Use this for maintenance to install something new in your building.
    • Repair – Use this if something (ie, lights, built-in speakers) needs repaired.
    • Replacement – Use this is something is dead and you need it replaced.
    • Supply Order – Only used by custodial and maintenance employees.
  5. After that, depending on what you selected, fill in all the pertinent information and select Save.