Proper Use and Care of Technology


This page outlines some of the usage and care expectations concering technology in the district.

Staff Proper Use and Care

  • Before operating any equipment, users will be made familiar with the basics of safety and damage prevention, and trained on proper care and operation.
  • Equipment abuses are unacceptable whether out of frustration, misuse, negligence or carelessness. Users may be responsible for damage to or loss of district equipment. District employees may be liable for intentionally inflicted damage. 
  • Users should not attempt repairs without authorization or support from designated District or school site personnel. Volunteers, parents, family members, or friends are not authorized to attempt repairs on District equipment.
  • Guidelines for the care and use of computer software are similar to hardware policies. Any unauthorized changes to systems, operating software, application software, or hardware configurations will be reversed when discovered by technology or instructional staff. Users may be responsible for damage to or loss of District software systems. District employees may be liable for intentionally inflicted damage.
  • File-sharing software cannot be installed or used on District computers for the purpose of illegally sharing copyrighted materials such as music, images and software.
  • Users shall not download or install copyrighted software without proper licensing.
  • Copyrighted material shall be posted online only in accordance with applicable copyright laws.
  • In order to ensure proper configuration and to safeguard network security and performance, users should not attach computers, printers, network equipment (including wireless access points), or other types of hardware to the District’s network without prior approval and support of the Technology Department.
  • Attaching personally owned technology equipment to the school infrastructure or district network without authorization is prohibited. Any equipment found to be in violation of this policy will be immediately disconnected.