Installing Software on Your Computer

Information to Know

***This page is still under construction.***


According to policy, staff members may install software on their computers only from approved sources. This protects the district both from inadvertently using unlicensed software and from malware that may come bundled with otherwise acceptable software.

The two approved sources of software on your computer are the App Store and the Filewave Kiosk. If there is software that you would like to install that is not included in these two sources, or if there is something which requires purchasing software in the App Store that the school will be buying for you, please put in a ticket to the IT Department under the ticket type Software Requests.

Below are instructions on how to use the App Store and the Filewave Kiosk.

App Store

This is what the App Store icon for High Sierra looks like. Other versions of Mac OS X may have slightly different looking icons, but they will all be similar to this one. This is the authorized app repository provided by Apple. Using this App Store is a lot like using the App Store on your iPad or iPhone. The applications provided here are vetted by Apple.