Creating a Technology Support Ticket

  1. Log in to Help Desk.
  2. Select Request at the top of the page.helpdeskcreateticketstep2
  3. Under the Request Type drop-down menu, select IT.helpdeskcreateticketstep3
  4. A new drop-down menu will appear. Here is a description of the different options.helpdeskcreatetickestep4
    • Hardware – Use if something is physically wrong – screen won’t turn on, etc.
    • IT Purchase Request – This should be used mostly by admins and secretaries, or at least with your admin’s approval, since they manage the budgets.
    • Phone / Voicemail – If your phone is giving you any grief, use this option.
    • Power School – Use this if your question is pertaining to Power School.
    • SEAS – Use this if your question is pertaining to SEAS.
    • Software – Use this if some bit of software (ActivInspire, Office, etc.) isn’t working.
    • Student Self-Service App Request – If there is an app you would like to appear in the Self-Service app on your students’ iPads, use this to request it. The full name of the app is required and a description of the app’s icon is helpful (they can sometimes be hard to find).
  5. In the Subject Field, abbreviate what is happening. (ie, “Office Crashing” or “Need app on Student iPads”) In the Request Detail Field, please describe with as much detail as you can what is happening and when. (ie, “When I open Excel, the loading screen appears and then Excel crashes and I get a message that says ‘Excel unexpected quit.'”)
    • “It doesn’t work” is not a good description, and will increase the time it takes to fix the issue for you, since we will need to get in touch with you and figure out what is happening exactly. If there is an error message, read it and write it down! Many time it explains exactly what happened and can help you figure out what you need to do or help us know what to do. If you write a detailed description and include an error messages, we can very often fix it within a short time.
  6. If your problem is with a specific computer or device and that device is assigned to you, click on the asset in your list of assets at the bottom of the page. you can select as many assets as you need to in the list. (For app requests for student iPads, you don’t need to do this unless it is a purchased app that is needed on a specific device.) If you don’t have the device listed there, write the asset number in the Request Details field.helpdeskcreateticketstep6
  7. Click on Save. You are done!