Network Policies


The networks provided at district buildings is provided as a resource to assist staff and students in performing their education and administrative tasks. Access to the system can be denied at any time. (Insert District Policy Network Access Link)

Staff members are allowed to connect personal devices to the school network using their school provided credentials and must adhear to the following guidelines.

Network Access Policies

  • Authorization to connect to the network has been given to the staff members through their school-provided credentials.
  • Only use your credentials on your personally-owned or district-provided devices.
  • Do NOT allow guests or students to use your credentials on their devices.
  • Guest access is to be managed through staff members designated to do so.
  • Using staff credentials give the device staff access to the network, meaning certain pages that students do not have access to will be available on these devices.
  • Access and credentials can be revoked or changed at any time without warning.
  • All devices on the district network are subject to traffic monitoring and filtering, whether district-owned or personal.