Care of Equipment

Employees of Lincoln County School District #2 are, depending upon employment position, provided with hardware and devices to assist in facilitating his or her employment responsibilities. As such, LCSD#2 has prived guidelines for the proper use and care of said equipment.

Please familiarize yourself with section four of procedure EHAA-R.

In addition, please ensure that:

  • Drinks and liquids are kept at a safe distance. Bottles that are placed in close proximity to any hardware should have the caps secured at all times. Hardware is replaced yearly due to avoidable accidental liquid spills.
  • Be gentle when transporting portable devices. Ensure proper physical protections are in place, such as padded bags or backpacks.
  • Do not leave hardware unattended in public areas.
  • Ensure¬†screen locks are in place at all times when not attending desktops or opened laptops.
  • Last of all, please use common sense. Carelessness is the root cause of most physical damage.