RESOLVED – Internet Issues – 12-11-2017


This was resolved by a fix Silver Star applied at 4:00pm


Update: Silver Star was working on this all day Friday. They have verified that it’s not a problem with our systems, and they are still working to find out what the cause of the slow bandwidth is.


Right now we are experiencing network issues between the schools and the internet. This seems to mostly be affecting the elementary schools and District office. We are working through this issue with Silver Star.

– IT Department

Security Notice – 11/29/2017

You may have heard about the root exploit in 10.13. This allows someone with physical access the ability to gain admin privileges onto a machine. We’re sure Apple will push out an update today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, this morning we wrote and pushed out a script to fix the issue on all of our machines.

We just wanted to make you all aware that we were already on top of the issue & found a resolution.