iPad Incentive Program

What is the iPad Incentive Program?

We have an incentive program that is set up for Star Valley High School to help motivate students to do well in school. Every day, a report is generated that includes students grades from their classes. Based on that grade, we give or take away rights on the iPad that is assigned to that student. This is an automated process, but if you would like your student to be excluded from gaining access to extra apps and features on their iPad, you may call the school and ask that your student be excluded from the different levels of this program.

How the Program Works

Below are the cutoffs and incentives of this program.

  • If the student has Ds or Fs in any class (any grade less than 69.5%):
    • Students will lose any music apps they have access to.
  • If the student has a lowest grade of a C in any class (all grades over 69.5%):
    • Students will receive access to the following apps:
      • Amazon Music
      • Apple Music
      • Google Music
      • Pandora
      • Spotify
  • If the student has only As and B+s (all grades over 86.5%):
    • They will gain access to incentive apps, that will be made available to them through our system. This doesn’t not give them access to the App Store, just some extra apps that are selected by us. Currently, the following apps are included in the incentive apps.
      • Clash Royale
      • Crossy Road
      • Flow Free
      • Fruit Ninja
      • Geometry Dash
      • Helix Jump
      • Piano Tiles 2
      • slither.io
      • Temple Run 2
      • Tynker
      • Zombie Catchers
    • These apps will only be available during holiday breaks, and only if the parent gives the school permission to push the apps out. Note that the students will still be required to meet the grade threshold for incentive apps, even with parental consent, to get these apps.
      • Amazon Prime Video
      • Netflix