Important Note

Currently (Semester 2, 2017-18), individual assignment grade pass back is only enabled for Star Valley High School. We can enable it for other schools or even specific classes for those schools, so if you would like your school or class added, contact Bernt.

Setup in Infinite Campus

If you want to use grade pass back to transfer all your grades from Canvas to Infinite Campus, do not set up categories or assignments in the grade book in Infinite Campus. The only thing you need to do is set the grading scale. The directions for doing so are below.

  1. Log into Infinite Campus.
  2. Go to the Grade Book link on the left side of the window. If it is not showing, click on the hamburger menu at the top-left corner of the window.
  3. Click on the Settings button. It doesn’t look like a button. It is blue, has the word Settings on it, and is located at the top-left corner of the grade book.
  4. Click on Grade Calc Options.
  5. Click on Fill Options.
  6. Select these options from the drop-down menu.
    1. Type: Grading Tasks
    2. Term: Whichever semester you are currently in. (ie. Semester 1, Block 1, Term 1, etc.)
    3. Task: Semester
    4. Fill Calculation Type: In Progress Grade
    5. Grading Scale (Select based on your school):
      1. SVHS, SVMS, CHS, OES, EES(6th Grade): A-F
      2. SCHS: SCHS Grades
  7. Check the box for Weight Categories.
  8. Click on OK.

Setup in Canvas

Setting up in Canvas is very simple. There are just a couple of rules to follow when creating assignments and assignment groups. All assignments should be created an entered in Canvas, so that the grades match what is in Infinite Campus.

Here are the rules and things to remember:

  1. The course you are syncing from has to be assigned to the correct semester. If you cross-listed your sections into a course that wasn’t created by the sync from IC, then you will need to contact Bernt to fix it. (Or cross-list into one of the courses created by the automatic sync.)
  2. Assignment Groups in Canvas will sync to Infinite Campus as Categories.
  3. Do not name any assignments with names longer than 50 characters. If you do, they will be truncated when copied to Infinite Campus.
  4. Do not have any duplicate names for your groups. i.e. Do not have two groups named Assignments. This will cause issues when copying to Infinite Campus and will cause the import to fail.
  5. No semicolons in category or assignment names.
  6. Only groups that have a weight towards the final grade will sync to Infinite Campus. As a result, any assignments in groups that are not weighted will not be synced either.
  7. Post to SIS must be checked for an assignment to be synced to Infinite Campus. If this option is not checked, the assignment will not be synced to Infinite Campus, even if it is calculating into the grade in Canvas. This is checked by default.
  8. There must be a due date. This should be required for assignments from now on.